Family property
Wine tradition

Wellenstein is a small wine village of the Luxembourg Moselle. Located in a broad valley, these first-rate vineyards benefit from an appropriate climate.

This favourable situation linked to our know-how, sense of quality and in harmony with nature allows us to achieve a range of unique wines, which are rich in aromas and of character.

The Bentzes family domain (of the family Bentz) stretches over 9hectares in the MoselleValley. Famous for its hills and steep vineyards, this river is the true origin of typically Luxemburgish wines, which are mainly white such as Riesling, Pinot Grisor Auxerrois.

The Bentz domain of course cultivates these three grape varieties. Furthermore it diversified its range of wines with the culture of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Sylvaner, Chardonnay and Saint-Laurent.

Today, there are two men at the lead of this family business:René Bentz, who was trained in France, and his son Nicolas, who studied in Germany.

Both are convinced of the integrated viticulture of the vineyards. This type of viticulture guarantees the wine’s quality by a strict selection of the grapes and controlled output.With true passion and in permanent contact with nature and its products, they opted for a manure of organic provenance and compost.Moreover, the Bentz domain renounces to use herbicides and insecticides.

Every wine and crémant Bentz is produced with respect for the environment as well as the consumer, on the basis of a healthy culture and fine selection of the grapes. Indeed, the harvest only takes place at full maturity of the grapes to obtain intense tastes and an important natural sugar content. The quality of our wines and crémants has been approved by our customers over the last years. Come and visit for a taste and convince yourself!